TINA – The Tina Turner Musical at Belk Theater

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical Tickets

Belk Theater | Charlotte, North Carolina

To call the show a visual feast doesn’t fully capture the sheer magnificence of the glorious Tina the Musical spectacle, but it’s good place to start. And what’s more, you’ll also be able to find out what all the talk is about, and see the show that was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award among many others, and the performance that is smashing box office records! The magical effects create an immersive atmosphere that’s as extraordinary for adults as it is children. What more do we need to say? Get your tickets here.

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical at Belk Theater

World famous hair. Trail-blazing denim jackets. That classic red mini-dress. The show is packed with glorious costumes that embody the 40-year span of the iconic story. From the modest church clothes of a preacher’s daughter to the leather dress that relaunched her career, the costumes tell the story of Tina Turner as much as the show does. So if you want to catch all the thrills, highs, lows and excitement of a live theater show, come to the breathtaking Belk Theatre at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte for a night of incredible entertainment.

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical at Belk Theater

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