Hamilton at Belk Theater

Hamilton Tickets

Belk Theater | Charlotte, North Carolina

Hamilton is the stuff of legends and fans LOVE it, it seems its forever been a box office smash and is adored by anybody who watches it! This mammoth tour for spring, 2022, has got everyone hyped for a huge extravaganza this April! Come along to the impressive, Belk Theater, Charlotte, North Carolina, it couldn't be a better setting for this huge happening, fans know it's the favorite venue for musical theatre! Jot down Saturday 30th April 2022 and purchase your tickets right away, simply click the link on this page!

What more is there to say about Hamilton that Helen O’Hara has not summarized in her brilliant short review: “Entertaining, energetic and unfailingly smart, this is theatre at the highest level, performed by a cast without a weak link. You can’t say no to this.” And, based on the numbers of viewers, both theatre goers and non-fans alike, we really can’t say NO to one of the most remarkable musical theater production – most likely – of ALL TIME! Belk Theater is giving Charlotte, North Carolina a unique chanceopportunity for us to experience Hamilton in our own back yard, in the greatest venue of Charlotte. Ideal for an unforgettable night, Belk Theater offers everything you and your loved ones would need to gift yourself a night of glamour, history, and award winning storytelling. Get your tickets here!

Hamilton at Belk Theater

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