Back To The Future – The Musical at Belk Theater

back to the future at belk theaterIn entertainment, few franchises hold a timeless appeal similar to that of Back to the Future. The film from the minds of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale has been a pop culture gem since its debut in the 1980’s. In recent years, the beloved story has moved to the silver screen and has gone to find a new home on the stage with that of Back to the Future: The Musical. A jarring and incredible experience is felt in this musical that pays homage to the 80s cult classic film and at the same time creates a fresh premise of “going back to the future.” In this adaptation, the music propels the story true to the original plot. This is going to be a nostalgic yet futuristic experience at the same time. The Belk Theatre is where all timelines meet this coming summer.

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“A near-seamless slice of escapist entertainment. Even the time machine’s a triumph in this larky musical version of the 1985 cult movie classic” – Evening Standard

“A pretty fun ride!” – Indie Wire

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In the 80s, Back to the Future became a pop culture phenomenon. It is because of its futuristic-science fiction type of story, which had an emphasis on imaginative storytelling. As much as it offered spectacle, it also was relatable and emotionally touching. It is one of those films that lingers because it connects to both young ones and adults. As Robert Eger said: “It offered humanity, charm, humor, and many surprises.” Back to the Future is among the most popular movies of its period. More than four decades have passed since its premiere, and it still is memorable to a lot of people, even among the younger generation.

Zemickes and Gale have been adamant about adding to the Back to the Future franchise for several decades now. They believe the story was concluded satisfactorily with the first three films and that more installments are unnecessary. They were, however, open to the possibility of the beloved movie being retold in new forms. At a convention in 2004, Gale expressed an interest in bringing the film to Broadway. It would be another eight years before the two writers would start working on the musical. The show’s 2015 West End debut was subsequently announced. A major setback, however, prevented the first planned release. 

Premiering in Manchester in 2020 before moving to London’s West End, this musical adaptation breathes new life into the beloved time travel tale. Fans of the original trilogy will love this one, recognizing the transition from screen to stage. It will definitely be an interesting experience. The music blends the familiar elements of the film with the joy of live theatre, creating a unique and unforgettable surprise.

While “Back to the Future: The Musical” successfully captures the spirit of the films, it’s not without its challenges. Adapting a beloved franchise to the platform requires a fine touch to come up with a new concept to meet fan expectations. Striking this balance is no easy feat, with some viewers comparing the music to the original films. But the musical’s ability to deliver an engaging and entertaining experience on its own merits speaks volumes to its success.

“The story remains an extremely enjoyable romp, with chuckles aplenty; the stagecraft is a wow, especially with regards to the DeLorean.” – Time Out 

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The story itself stays true to the source material, following the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they navigate the challenges of time travel. At the same time, it still took musical and creative liberties to provide a distinct theatrical experience. Dynamic set design and stunning special effects transport audiences through the eras, from the 1950s to the future and back again. The marriage of technology and storytelling creates a visually stunning stage that is sure to be popular with longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Apart from the story and staging, one of the most compelling aspects of Back to the Future: The Musical is its ability to capture the essence of films by adding a new perspective through the music of Alan Silvestri, composer of the original score. He collaborated with Glenn Ballard and paid homage to iconic themes while introducing new, show-stopping tunes. The music it offers not only returns to classics like “The Power of Love” and “Johnny B. Goode” but features original songs that come loosely embedded in the story. “Something About That Boy,” “Hill Valley High School Fight Song,” “Got No Future,” and “For the Dreamers” are sure treats to listen to and see performed.

Bringing Back to the Future to the stage will not be complete without one of its hallmarks: humor. The comedy, which stands out in the movie, is also a highlight of the musical adaptation. The witty dialogue and comedic moments have translated seamlessly to the stage, making the audience laugh and reinforcing the characters’ enduring appeal. This definitely ties the knot. It is incredible to see the film’s strangeness depicted on stage. This surely brings excitement to a lot of fans.

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It’s a terrifically fun and amusing story that works nearly as well onstage as it did on film.” – The Hollywood Reporter 

In 2021, the musical debuted at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End, where it is still playing to this day. The Broadway show, on the other hand, opened at the Winter Garden Theatre back in June this year.

As expected, the West End show was a massive success. The element of nostalgia from the films really drew many audiences. It also captured the attention of many critics — at least in a very positive way. It received countless nominations, including six nominations in the 2022 Laurence Olivier Awards. Out of these six nominations, Back to the Future Musical took the trophy for Best New Musical. That same year, it won four WhatsOnStage Awards in multiple categories: “Best New Musical,” “Best Supporting Performer in a Male Identifying Role in a Musical,” “Best Lighting Design,” and “Best Sound Design.” 

Successfully combining elements of time travel with musical theater, “Back to the Future: The Musical” is a triumph of unique narrative. Musical brings together the thrill of the stage with the nostalgia and adventure of the classic films to create an unforgettable experience. The North American tour is set to travel time and space to dominate theatres around the country. The Belk Theater is where the future is coming back this July 9 to 21, 2024. Take part in this adventure! Reserve your tickets now!