For your safety and security, and to ensure you get the most out of your visit to the Belk Theater and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, patrons are asked to please observe the following rules and regulations.

1. Seating

Patrons are asked to remain in their pre-designated seat, as changing will cause confusion amongst other members of the audience. Seat numbers are clearly marked – if you have any trouble finding your seat, friendly steward staff are on hand to help guide you to your reservations. Once you have found your seats, please stay seated until the interval or end of the performance.

2. No Food And Drink

Please do not bring your own food and drink into the venue. Refreshments are readily available in the lobby.

3. No Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere within the Belk Theater and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Please use the designated smoking areas located outside the building.